This page describes the Green Haskell initiative towards Green Computing in Haskell. The initiative includes a coherent set of research studies that seek to compare, regarding their energy efficiency, alternative Haskell constructs and features such as data structures, concurrency primitives and execution models. These constructs have been compared within a specific Haskell Compiler, GHC, whose optimization options have also been compared with respect to their energy efficiency. Below you can find a list of publications that describe the experiments that we have devised and implemented, as well as their results and findings. Each publication in the list, in each specific webpage, includes pointers to the experimental infrastructure that we have developed in each case study. This includes all source code as well as all tools that are necessary to replicate our experiments. # Papers - [Haskell in Green Land: Analyzing the Energy Behavior of a Purely Functional Language](./haskell_In_Green_Land/index.html) \(published at [SANER 2016](\) - [Helping developers write energy efficient Haskell through a data-structure evaluation](./energy_efficient_Haskell-data-structure_evaluation/index.html) \(published at [GREENS 2018](\) - [Evaluation of the impact on energy consumption of lazy versus strict evaluation of Haskell data-structures](./energy_consumption-lazy_vs_strict_evaluation_of_data-structures/index.html) \(published at [SBLP 2018](\) - [On Haskell and Energy Efficiency](./on_Haskell_and_energy_efficiency/index.html) \(published at [JSS](\) ## Team |<img src="" style="width: 140px;"/>|<img src="./team/gMelfe.jpeg" style="width: 140px; max-height: 140px;"/>| <img src="" style="width: 140px;"/>|<img src="" style="width: 140px;"/>|<img src="./team/jpf.png" style="width: 140px; max-height: 140px;"/>| <img src="./team/fern_Castor.jpeg" style="width: 140px; max-height: 140px;"/>|<img src="" style="width: 140px; max-height: 140px;"/>| | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | :---: | |[Lu&iacute;s Gabriel Lima](|[Gilberto Melfe](|[Francisco Soares-Neto](|[Paulo Lieuthier](|[Jo&atilde;o Paulo Fernandes](|[Fernando Castor](|[Alcides Fonseca](|